For Students

Success at Meadowood

Success comes from effort and the willingness to cooperate. Success at Meadowood is NOT a matter of chance or good luck. Every student is expected to be successful by choosing to follow the Meadowood Program


          Point sheets are our way of communicating with both the student and the parent/guardian     regarding each student’s daily progress. We have found that when parents/guardians             review and sign point sheets every day, the student’s performance is much better than             those of the students whose point sheets are not signed regularly.           

  • Point sheets and homework agendas must be brought home reviewed and signed by a parent/guardian every night.
  • Signed point sheets are worth 3 points.
  • Signed homework agendas are worth 3 points. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to review the homework agenda and student’s homework.
  • The sections of the point sheet indicate the student’s performance for the day.


  • All students are escorted to all their destinations during the school day; this process is called “transition.”
  • During transition, students are to face forward, keep one foot on the line, keeptheir hands at their sides, and stay silent at all times.
  • Use of the black line ensures smooth and orderly transitions.


  • One of Meadowood’s strategies for helping students correct their behavior is our system of adjustments. An adjustment is our way of warning a student to stop and think before making any more inappropriate choices.
  • If a student fails to follow any staff member’s directions or fails to follow any of Meadowood’s policies, the student will be given an adjustment for the infraction.
  • Each adjustment reduces the daily point total by one point.
  • Students are expected to accept adjustments without discussion or argument
  • Teachers frequently indicate the reason the student earned the adjustment(s); that is very important for both the student and parent/guardians.
  • If a student chooses to argue about an adjustment, the student will be given another adjustment for arguing.