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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Summer 2021 Learning Hike

Meadowood Education Center Hybrid Learning Schedule

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Meadowood Education Center's Reopening Information

2020-2021 Teacher of The Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Nisha Carter for being selected as Meadowood Education Center's Teacher of The Year.  Mrs. Carter works tirelessly to create an environment that is engaging and exciting for her students. She makes her classroom curriculum relatable for students and has created school-wide initiatives, including "Flashlight Friday," that promote and encourage students to find the joy in reading. 

Please join us in celebrating Mrs. Carter!

Ms. Carter-Teacher of the Year

Ms. Carter

In-Person Hybrid Learning Information

Dear Meadowood Education Center Families,

As stated in the BCPS Reopening plan, families who have selected virtual learning or not responded to the return to school survey, will have ongoing opportunities to update their choices and choose in-person hybrid learning. Our staff will be able to accommodate requests, make necessary arrangements and work with transportation (if applicable) to ensure a smooth transition back to school. The schedule below is in alignment with the phased re-entry to school. If you would like to return to hybrid in-person learning, please submit your request at: 

Please use the schedule below to identify request date windows and hybrid learning start dates for students.  The specific start dates will be cohort dependent (Cohort A- Mondays and Cohort B- Thursdays). Families will receive a cohort assignment message before the first day of school. 


Request Date Window

(Window closes at 5:00 pm on Fridays)

Start Dates

(Start dates applicable to the start day of the individual phases)

Phase 1 - Public Separate Day Schools and

Phase 2- Pre- School through

Grade 2

Survey window- February 5

Week of March 1

February 6- February 19

Week of March 8

February 20 – March 5

Week of March 22

March 6 – March 12

Week of April 6

Phase 3 –OGE Special Education programs Grades 3 -12 and Select CTE programs

Survey window- February 12

Week of March 15


February 13- February 26

Week of March 22

February 27 – March 12

Week of April 6

Phase 4- Grades 3 through 12

Survey window – March 12

Week of March 22 (Grades 6 & 9 only)

Week of April 6



March 13 – March 26

Week of April 19

March 27- April 9

Week of May 3

April 10 – April 23

Week of May 17

April 24 – May 7

Week of May 31

Families must fill out a separate form for each student returning to hybrid learning using the school-specific form. Return to learning form links can be found on school websites. A member of our staff will contact you if we have any questions. Thank you and we look forward to your return!


Phillip Robinson 

Meadowood Education Center Virtual Learning Schedule

Meadowood Education Center A/B Day Calendar

Meadowood School Progress Summary 2020-2021

Attendance for Virtual Learning - Parent Guidance

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Meadowood After School Program

BCPS Magnet Program Online Application

BCPS Virtual Calming Rooms

Please see the below resources in response to COVID-19: 

Local Food Pantries

Baltimore County Partners Resource Guide

Has COVID-19 Affected Your Household?

BCPS Connects-Need Help Flyer

Google & Schoology-Parent Information

Virtual Meeting Best Practices


Parent/Family Resources:

BCPS News-Immunization Support

Parent and Student Technology Support

BCPS Lunch Sites

Baltimore County Food Resources

Social Skills-Special Education Virtual Support

College & Career Readiness Newsletter

If you need assistance/supports with the virtual learning experience please complete the following form. A member of our school staff will get back to you shortly:

Meadowood Education Center Student Support Survey 

Mr. Robinson



Meadowood Bus Stops 2019-2020

Meadowood Student Handbook 2019-2020

2019-2020 School Progress Summary

At Medowood "WE ARE ACES!"



Academic achievement is correlated with virtually every quality of life indicator and its importance cannot be understated. To support students’ academic needs, MEC has a profound emphasis on literacy (verbal and numerical). Ensuring our students are literate is the single most important aspect of the program, and it is the greatest means of true equity.




Respect, Responsibility, and Empathy are our main character strengths, and we know, unequivocally, these traits are necessary for student success both inside and outside of school. As students develop these character strengths, they will become well-adjusted young adults poised to grow into productive citizens.




Helping students to regulate their emotions and their responses to situations and circumstances is crucial to helping them develop into responsible adults. Often times, our thoughts, guide our emotions, which in turn guide our actions. To ensure positive actions, we must help students develop the habits of mind needed to regulate their emotions


Akin to sound character and academic achievement, success in the 21st century requires social intelligence in the form of effective collaboration and constructive social interactions




To ensure the students of Meadowood develop the academic skill set, the character strengths, and habits of mind necessary to succeed in school and in life


·         We believe commitment to an excellent education is the most important determinant of our students’ success in life.


·         We believe achieving excellence in education requires hard work and collaboration on the part of staff, students, and parents.


·         We believe in fairness, trust, integrity, and open communication within our school community


·         We believe in cultivating a sense of pride for the MEC community.


·         We believe in each other.


Serving Middle School Youth of The Southwest & Northwest Areas of Baltimore County Schools
Meadowood Education Center – an alternative education program that offers students the opportunity to experience academic and behavioral success. The goals at Meadowood are aligned with the Baltimore County Public Schools’ Blueprint 2.0 for Progress:
To improve achievement for all students
                    To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment
         To use resources effectively and efficiently    

The National African-American Museum of History and Culture

Students who obtained "Meadowood Knight Status" attended a trip to Washington, DC to explore and learn at the National African-American Museum of History and Culture. View our students touring exhibits below. 

Field Trip 1
Field Trip 2
Field Trip 3
Field Trip 4Field Trip 5

Congratulations to Meadowood Education Center students and staff for being selected as a Maryland State Character Education School of the Year!

MEC Character


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